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Quality Dry Cleaners is a full-service establishment. We offer a diverse array of highly sought after services. All of which are designed to fulfill the needs of our customers.

They include: disaster restoration, standard dry cleaning & pressing, tailoring & alterations, shirt laundering, or storage of valuable apparel.

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Quality Dry Cleaners is proud to be highly sought after by disaster restoration companies and insurance agencies of home-related catastrophe victims. We recover and clean the clothing of disaster victims, and provide storage for clothing until they can be retrieved. The goodwill cultivated with homeowners has led to requests for our services from Maryland and West Virginia.

Disaster Restoration

The dry cleaning portion of our business is booming. If clothing is brought in to us by 10am daily we can offer same day service. Our dedication to dry cleaning has fostered an efficient atmosphere of quality. We use Clorosheen® dry cleaning additive. It contains powerful brighteners and fabric conditioners and uses minimum moisture, which extends the life of precious clothing.

Cleaning & Pressing

We understand the value of clothing and the need to keep it fashionable and functional. Some of the tailoring and alterations services we offer include: suit alterations, zipper replacements, and patchwork. We can cater to your complete tailoring needs. These services are available by walk-in or appointment.

Tailoring & Alterations

Our storage facilities are environmentally regulated for optimal storage of customer’s valuable apparel and wedding gown preservation. At a cool 65-degrees, clothing is protected from extremes in weather. A dehumidifier and cedar lined floors regulate air quality and humidity. A fail safe security system provides peace of mind. Our facility is full insured for all eventualities.

Apparel Storage

There isn’t much sense in bringing us your suit for dry cleaning and then hanging onto your shirts for home washing, or a trip to a laundry service. At Quality Dry Cleaners we offer this full-service for our customers, so they can continue the important work that sustains their families lives.

Shirt Laundering