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Questions for QDC

Dry cleaning is a staple service that many of us require. Sometimes we have questions about the dry cleaning process or about the store itself. The frequently asked questions we’ve compiled should help to alleviate the concerns of our customer.

If you have questions that aren’t fielded here, please feel free to call or visit us during normal business hours.

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Nope. The truth is, dry cleaning prolongs the life of a garment. Stains set over time, ruining your clothing. Also, dirt and grime are abrasive to clothing and cause wear to the fibers of the material. If that doesn’t convince you to dry clean your clothing more often, this will. Insects are attracted to the dirt and grime, which will only cause further damage. Yuck.

Does frequent dry cleaning shorten the life of a garment?

Clorosheen® is a superior dry cleaning additive. It gives suits a crisper look and builds a resistance to future stains. Many dry cleaners choose cheaper alternatives, but to Quality Dry Cleaners, we put the Q in quality.

What is Clorosheen?

Who knows...That’s not the case with Quality Dry Cleaners. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our customers. Bring in your suit, along with your shirts and we’ll take it from there...and for a reasonable price.

Why is it dry cleaners will clean my suit, but not my shirts?

QDC recommends wool, silk, suits, and sweaters for dry cleaning. Leather and sueded products are also recommended. No one wants to lose loose articles attached to clothing, such as beads or other jewelry, so those may be brought to us.

Which fabrics are recommended for dry cleaning?

Bring it in. Our storage facilities are environmentally regulated for optimal storage of customer’s valuable apparel and wedding gowns. At a cool 65-degrees, clothing is protected from extremes in weather. A dehumidifier and cedar lined floors regulate air quality and humidity. A fail safe security system provides peace of mind. Our facility is full insured for all eventualities.

I have a wedding gown that I wish to preserve. What do I do?

Hard to remove stains such as food, drink and perspiration typically set in within 48 hours. Bring in your garments in for a cleaning as soon as possible. Yellowing or discoloration can result from prolonged stains that can weaken the garment.

How soon should I dry clean my garments after wearing?

No. We understand the value of clothing and the need to keep it fashionable and functional. Bring in your pants or any clothing that requires tailor or alterations and we’ll take care of it.

My zipper broke. Do I throw the garment in the trash?